Construction services

  • Build precast or cast-in-place potable or non-potable concrete water storage/tank/tower facilities with 50 to 10000 cubic meter capacity
  • Installation of water, wastewater and district heating network steel, cast iron, reinforced concrete and HDPE pipes
  • Construct, build, rehabilitate and/or equip wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) inlet, pump station, grit and grease removal, primary and secondary settler, aeration tank, wells, boreholes and sewer holes, district heating substations, facilities, boilers etc.
  • Construct, build and/or rehabilitate storm drainage systems, dams, canals and river fixture and defense
  • Construct, build, rehabilitate and/or equip civil and industrial constructions

Key accomplished projects

  • Construction of water supply, wastewater and heating pipelines, wastewater treatment plant and water tank at the “Buyant-Ukhaa” International Airport. Funded by Asian Development Bank Loan. Capital Ulaanbaatar. The client: “Buyant-Ukhaa” International Airport. 1995
  • Construction of heat distribution system and renewal heating meters of Ulaanbaatar City District Heating System. Funded by the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark. Capital Ulaanbaatar. The client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark “Danida” and Ulaanbaatar City District Heating Office. 1996
  • Ulaanbaatar City utility development I, II and III projects. Construction of “Denjiin 1000” 3 km storm drainage dams and canals, “Belkhi” and “Selbe” river 3.7 km fixutres and defense at Chingeltei and Dambadarjaa ger district. The
  • World Bank loan. Capital Ulaanbaatar. The client: Capital Ulaanbaatar Investment Office. 1997 to 2002
    Construction of 700,000 m3 coal ash reservoir of “Darkhan Thermal Power Plant” State-owned Joint Stock Company. Darkhan-Uul Province. The client: DTPP of the Ministry of Energy. 2004
  • 1st to Orbit district 1st phase – D600 3.8 km HDPE bulk water supply line, 2nd phase – 100 cubic meter water tank, Pump station, 3rd Phase – 2×1500 cubic meter concrete water tank construction project. Capital Ulaanbaatar. The client: The Ministry of Construction and Urban Development. 2005 to 2009
  • Construction of bulk water supply, thermal, wastewater and extinguishing water supply pipelines and 800m3 water tank of 18 MW Thermal Power Plant at “Tavan Tolgoi Coal Mining”. Tsogt-tsetsii Soum, Umnugovi Province. The client: MCS International LLC. 2011
  • Expansion of bulk water supply and wastewater treatment in Bayan-Ulgii Province with construction of 8.4 km water supply pipelines and 3.4 km wastewater pipelines, wells and pump station. Ulgii Soum, Bayan-Ulgii Province. The client: Development Office of the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development. 2012
  • Buyant-Ukhaa ger district bulk water supply system construction with 20 wells, D200 250 300 pipelines, 2×2800 cubic meter water tanks and pump station. Capital Ulaanbaatar. The client: Infrastructure Project at the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development. 2013
  • To improve bulk water supply to Capital Ulaanbaatar, installation of 2.5 km D700 fiber plastic pipelines from Gachuurt water tank. Funded by financial aid from Japan International Cooperation Agency. Capital Ulaanbaatar. The client: “Dai Nippon Botoku Kai” LLC. 2014
  • Expansion of Erdenet City wastewater treatment plant up to 24,000m3 a day. Funded by concessional loan from the Government of France. Erdenet City, Okhon Province. The client: The Ministry of Construction and Urban Development. 2013 to 2017

Organizations and Clients

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