Our Mission: To raise values of all parties involved via innovative, high quality, and sustainable infrastructure development and construction enabled by an optimal management of team talent and resources.

Introduction to Baiguulamj LLC

Baiguulamj LLC takes a great pride in being a part of Mongolia’s public infrastructure development, especially in water and hydraulic engineering systems, which are considered as the blood vessels of the country, since 1956. Baiguulamj LLC has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise from generations of Mongolian engineers and experts in improving the living standards for all in the country.

Since 1991, Baiguulamj LLC has successfully implemented over 90 large-scale projects, funded by World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and Mongolian government. These projects included central water supply, district heating and wastewater distribution systems, water tanks, treatment plants, storm drainage canals, and ash disposal reservoirs in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, and Erdenet cities as well as in provinces such as Govisumber, Dornogovi, Dundgovi, and Bayan-Ulgii.

Baiguulamj LLC also successfully executed heavy industrial projects for private companies, enterprises and multinational corporations. These projects included water supply system development for Tavan Tolgoi Power Plant and Boroo Gold Mining, water supply of fire system, pump station and 3000m3 water tank facility for Petrovis LLC, an artificial lake, water supply system including a deep well and a sprinkler system for ski resort, water tank construction for Moncement factory of Monpolymet LLC, to name a few.

Being part of the development of the key economic and strategic projects throughout the nation brings us tremendous joy and gives the strengths to do even better in our next endeavors.


  • 1956: Foundation of “NABT” in Ulaanbaatar – the very first professional organization in Mongolia in sewerage, plumbing, heating supply and water, wastewater facility construction
  • 1981: Expansion to the “NAATTBUEG” by the decree of The Council of Ministers, encompassing a specialized construction, material manufacturing, and mechanical maintenance teams that comprised 1300 skilled workers
  • 1991: Disintegration of “NAATTBUEG”, due to social transformation in Mongolia, into 10 different companies
  • 1991: Establishment of 51 percent state owned “Baiguulamj” JSC (Joint stock company)
  • 2003: Expansion by a new component “Baiguulamj-Od” LLC focusing on manufacturing of water facility concrete products
  • 2012: Establishment of “Baiguulamj” LLC highly specializing in construction services in water, wastewater, district heating facilities

Our Vision

To build the pillars for sustained development

Our Mission

To raise values of all parties involved via innovative, high quality, and sustainable infrastructure development and construction enabled by an optimal management of team talent and resources

Our Values

Ethics: We comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and respect integrity and fairness

Personnel: We develop together by supporting and inspiring each other for effective collaboration and teamwork. Our organization’s key building blocks are people who work with us
Health, Safety and Environment: We provide safe working environment to protect employees and those in the surrounding. We are respectful to the environment and local communities
Mastery in Execution: We aim to lead the industry with “Do it right, do it once” approach by creating long-life solutions based on proven technologies
Collaboration: We strive for trustworthy, collaborative, long lasting and win-win relationships with customers, partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and colleagues


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